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Dr.P. Dileep Kumar Reddy

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

About IPR

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are legal rights that protect the creations of the human intellect. These rights grant exclusive ownership and control over intangible assets, allowing creators to benefit from their work and encouraging innovation and creativity.


To promote creativity and innovation thereby generating Intellectual Property in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology, and all allied areas to foster development through knowledge and technology transfer


Promote an intellectual property development culture to foster entrepreneurship and research in the focused areas of science, engineering and technology by establishing systems for awareness, generation, Legal and Legislative Framework, Administration and Management, Commercialization, Enforcement, and Human Capital Development


The main objectives of NRCM Institution’s Innovation Council are:

  • To create Awareness and undertake Outreach and Promotion of IPR
  • To stimulate the generation of IPRs
  • To establish a Legal and Legislative Framework for IP
  • To establish, modernize and strengthen service-oriented IPR administration and management
  • Commercialization of IPR for revenue generation
  • Enforcement and Adjudication
  • To strengthen and expand Human Capital Development

IPR Policy

The Policy aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the institution and push IPRs as a marketable financial asset for generating revenue.

IPR Policy

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