About Electrical & Electronics Engineering 

EEE is the power Department of the NARSIMHAREDY ENGINEERING COLLEGE. With the growing demand for Electrical Engineers in the Government and private sectors, the Department is endeavouring to produce highly trained and capable engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world. Academic Instruction Delivering Methodology and guideline for conducting various co-curricular and extra-curricular are designed to produce competent and successful engineers. The Department focuses on uncompromising academic standards in imparting both theoretical and practical instructions with a view to preparing professional engineers.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics engineering was started in the year 2009. 60.The department also started M.Tech Programme in Power Electronics in2013 with an intake of 24 .A new M.Tech programme in electrical power system was started with an intake of 24 in 2014.

The Department is bestowed with highly qualified and experienced faculty out of which 3 are with Ph.D. and 10 members of assistant professors. The faculty strives to foster and encourage a teaching methodology that is both practical and theoretical in approach tuning to the requirements of the latest developments in research and industry in the field of electrical & Electronics Engineering. 

The lab facilities are being upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for the students to learn and innovate. The Department is fully equipped with all the labs required for the curriculum like Electrical Machines lab, Power System lab, Power converter lab, Power Electronics lab, Control System lab, Electrical Workshop lab, Electrical Measurements and instrumentation, Electrical Circuits, Simulation lab.

A Departmental Association has been established with an objective to infuse a technical fervour and make the students more innovative. The association conducts various technical and cultural events regularly. “Engineers are the creators of the new world”. Going with these lines the Department has the fully equipped Project lab to encourage the students to show their creativity. Educational tours and industrial visits are regularly organized to enhance the practical knowledge of the students and to keep them abreast with the latest technological applications in various industries so that their employability skills are enhanced.