NRCM provides 6 buses for the Transport of the Students and Staff members. The College Buses cover most of the parts of Hyderabad twin city. Buses reach the college by 9:15AM and leave the college in the evening by 4:30PM. A Nominal fee is collected towards the Bus fare from the Students. 


1. Every student has to have his / her Bus Pass when travelling in the college bus.
2. Whenever necessary the students should produce their college Identity Card as well as the Bus Pass
3. Settle accordingly in the seats allotted. 
4. Travel only in the college bus allotted to you and not in any of the college buses.
5. Arguing or quarrelling with the any of the staff, students or the drivers in the college bus are strictly prohibited.
6. Respect the staff and drivers.
7. Usage of tobacco products, alcohol or any objectionable drugs while travelling in the bus is strictly prohibited.
8. Boarding and de-boarding should be in the allotted particular terminus in the scheduled time.
9. Involvement in Ragging activities is forbidden. (Ragging is an unbailable offence)
10. Initiation of celebrating of birthday parties, bus day, etc; should be avoided.
11. Self discipline is important for every individual.

Bus Route Deatils

S. No Bus No. Route No. Driver Name Contact Number Route Map
1 0244 1 Mr. MD. ABDUL GAFFAR 70935 90388
2 1106 2 Mr. ANANTHAIAH 98856 79092
3 1426 3 Mr. SK.GOUSE 9908427580
4 0243 4 Mr. R.RAVINDER REDDY 9704384627
5 8988 5 Mr. N.JAGANNADH REDDY 9000231853
6 1521 6 Mr. SK.SANDHANI 9849813521