AI &ML PEO's ,PO's &PSO's

1. To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics, engineering, basic science fundamentals required to solve computing problems and also to pursue higher studies and research

2. To train students with good Computer Science and Engineering breadth so as to comprehend, analyze, design and create innovative computing products and solutions for real life problems

3. To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, communication skills, teamwork skills, multi-disciplinary approach and an ability to relate computer engineering issues with social awareness.


1. Engineering knowledge (PO 1): Graduates will demonstrate the basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering

2. Problem analysis (PO 2): Graduates will demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems related to Computer Science and Engineering.

3. Design/development of solutions (PO 3): Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design system, component or product as per needs and specifications. 

4. Conduct investigations of complex problems (PO 4): Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data.

5. Modern tool usage (PO 5): Graduates will demonstrate the use of modern engineering tools, software’s and equipments to analyze problems.

6. The engineer and society (PO 6): Graduates will have the broad education to understand the impact of engineering solution in a global, economic, environmental and societal context. 

7. Environment and sustainability (PO 7): Graduate will understand the engineering solutions in environmental aspects and use the knowledge for sustainable development.

8. Ethics (PO 8): Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge of professional, ethical, security & legal issues and responsibility

9. Individual and team work (PO 9): Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work both as an individual and in team in computer science and engineering or multi-disciplinary, exhibiting the leadership qualities.

10. Communication (PO 10): Graduates will communicate effectively in both verbal and written form

11. Project management and finance (PO 11): Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge on project management and finance.

12. Life-long learning (PO 12): Graduates will demonstrate the ability and desire towards life-long learning

PSO 1: To provide effective and efficient real time solutions using acquired knowledge in various domains to crack problem using suitable mathematical analysis, data structure and suitable algorithm. 

PSO 2: To develop environmental and sustainable engineering solution having global and societal context using modern IT tools 

PSO 3: To exhibit professional and leadership skills with ethical values dealing diversified projects with excellent communication and documentation qualities